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                            ag赌博网Research Assitant Positions in The Unit of Microbiota-Host Interactions


                            ABOUT THE INSTITUTE AND THE CENTER


                            Institut Pasteur of Shanghai (IPS) is an independent research institution jointly established by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Institut Pasteur and Shanghai Municipal Government. IPS is dedicated to enhancing preparedness and responsiveness to infectious diseases through conducting cutting-edge research and sustained translation of solutions.


                            IPS has evolved three interdisciplinary research fields that cover pathogen biology, infection and immunity, vaccinology and immune therapy. IPS performs fundamental research on infectious diseases with unmet medical needs, emerging/reemerging viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections, immune regulation in metabolic disorders, tumorigenesis and degenerative diseases.


                            “The Unit of Microbiota-Host Interactions” headed by Dr. Parag Kundu, focus at understanding the inter-communications between the gut microbiota and intestinal stem cells during different phases of life.


                            THE VACANCY


                            The Unit is now seeking outstanding Research Assistant


                            Job Description

                            1.       Fluent in speaking and writing in English and Chinese.

                            2.       Draft procedures and laboratory protocols in English.

                            3.       Communicate with different groups and departments for example HR, Finance and Purchase departments to facilitate laboratory operations.

                            4.       Support in process/analytical methods/validation/cleaning/maintenance of laboratory equipment.

                            5.       Strictly follow the 6S rules and regulations, participate in laboratory management and maintain laboratory safety.

                            6.       Prepare monthly/weekly summary reports for equipment/instrument operations and laboratory related activities.

                            7.       Assist members of the laboratory in conducting experiments.

                            8.       Communicate with collaborators on experiment schedules and procurement of biological samples.

                            9.       Maintain logs for biological samples and biobank for the laboratory.



                            We are looking for a skilled, competent and motivated biologist.

                            1.       Bachelor degree in biology or life sciences.

                            2.       Have good professional ethics, personality and morality.

                            3.       Have good communication skills in English and Chinese.

                            4.       Experience in biological laboratory procedures.

                            5.       Have strong leaning ability, coordination skills and good teamwork spirit.

                            6.       Can take initiatives and execute laboratory operations.


                            DOCUMENTS FOR APPLICATION

                            Please submit your application materials in English including curriculum vitae, and references with ID photo to

                            This call is valid until the positions are filled.


                            For more details of IPS, please visit our website:



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